Jacom StephensJacom Stephens

Salt Lake City, Utah
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Jacom Stephens is an award-winning commercial photographer based in northern Utah. A talented and passionate creative with over twenty years in the advertising industry, Jacom has extensive experience and understanding of visual communications.

Born and raised in the great Rocky Mountains, Jacom developed a love for the great outdoors at a young age. He is completely at home hiking, camping, skiing double black diamond slopes, mountain biking, riding four-wheelers, and rappelling down cliffs to get the shot. Starting in 1992, Jacom has worked in the advertising industry in various capacities at graphic design firms and advertising agencies including graphic designer, art director, general manager, commercial photographer, and business owner.

His foray into commercial photography began over fifteen years ago while working for an ad agency, art directing the photographers the ad agency had hired to create images for their various marketing campaigns. A spark started to burn inside him and quickly developed into a burning desire. Jacom's take charge attitude, love for ongoing learning, and hands-on manner quickly propelled him to learn all he could about cameras and lighting equipment. Soon he became the resident photographer at that ad agency and was producing most of the photos for their smaller budget clients and gaining valuable experience along the way. In 2003, Jacom took the plunge and went into business for himself, where he continued to develop a reputation for excellence. Over the years, he has developed marketing materials and imagery for many large international companies including Iomega, Denso, Autoliv, Mrs. Fields, FranklinCovey, Primedia, Sysco Intermountain, and Maxfields to name a few.

Because of his love for the outdoors, Jacom chooses to focus much of his photography on product lifestyle, action and adventure sports, and travel/tourism based themes whenever possible, but he excels at architectural, product, and food photography as well.

"A master of lighting, Jacom's photography is bright and upbeat, and his images have a clarity and quality that just make them pop! He brings to his work an intrinsic appreciation of beauty, a passion for creating, attention to detail, and the ability to flawlessly execute elaborate shots."

Constantly evolving and improving, Jacom strives for excellence and perfection in all that he does. Because of his extremely high standards, his photographic technique is highly polished and involves high-end equipment and much technical expertise to produce tack sharp images that don't only look good at web or brochure sizes, but can be enlarged beyond billboard size without exposing any flaws or limitations.

Jacom's images have been featured extensively around the world, and he has received numerous awards and accolades for his work. His photography projects and assignments have taken him across the globe and he frequently travels within the U.S., Canada, Central America and the Caribbean, as well as Europe and Asia on occasion.

  • All Metals Fabrication


    "A picture is worth a thousand words. We have all heard the cliché too many times, so I have a better version: 'a picture is worth a million dollars'. I literally was able to close a million dollar job with a brand new customer four time zones away because of my photo portfolio, showcasing past work. Jacom Stephens has been the go-to source for our buiness—his pictures really do speak thousands of words, and even better, generate millions of dollars in work."

  • Denver Police Department


    "Jacom not only gained our trust, respect, and friendship, he created and produced the most amazing images. Our entire department is so proud of this professional and honest representation — the posters and marketing materials that we are producing are making a tremendous difference in communicating the honor of our organization."

  • Destination Homes


    "Our photoshoot with Jacom was fantastic! He was extremely efficient and collaborative. He's great at getting the best out of the talent he's shooting, whether they are small children or mature adults. The finished product exceeded our expectations."

  • Ground Level Design


    "I do a ton of live concert marketing and the live images provided by management or the artist always suck. In most cases, I'm relegated to use only the least worst images. But these pics, my friend, are stellar! You nailed it!"

  • Imagine Dragons


    "These turned out FANTASTIC! Can't thank you enough for taking the time and energy to be a part of this. It was a really special night."

  • Signature Hood Design


    "Jacom Stephens Photography has always exceeded our expectations and I do not hesitate to recommend their services to others."

  • Toico Industries


    "Jacom Stephens is very responsive, takes a vested interest in our success, and he is proactive about suggesting solutions for our needs. I wouldn't still be using him nineteen years later if I didn't trust him and see a tangible return on my investment. I'm glad I have Jacom on my team."

  • Westminster Village


    "Jacom is truly a professional and incredibly talented photographer in every sense. He kept coming up with ideas that connected with the residents in a very profound and real way. Just look at the images and you’ll see the true essence of who these remarkable people really are – Jacom was able to pull these emotions out. The results far exceeded our expectations, and in only a short time this investment has more than paid for itself."