Recent Work

Dewatering the World's Largest Open Pit Mine

Kennecott Copper Mine: Bingham, UT — Underneith the world's largest open pit mine is a network of tunnels supporting the above ground work. One of the tasks that needs to be done on an ongoing basis is to facilitate the drainage of the soil so that it doesn't become oversaturated and heavy. The contractor tasked with drilling a spiderweb of hundreds of strategically placed 400-800 foot long holes has developed an innovative process that is much better than what is currently being done around the world. They hired us to photograph the process and create images for their marketing image library.

Summertime Private Lift Lifestyle

Park City, UT — An international ski lift company is branching out to offer private lifts for gated communities, state parks, and large corporate campuses. They hired us to photograph one of their lifts near Deer Valley ski resort and show how it can be used for hiking, mountain biking and other summer activities, not just during the ski season.

Corporate Training Workbook Images

Salt Lake City, UT — A long-time international client of ours needed imagery for a corportate training workbook. The training focused on discovering their customers needs, and then colaborating and coming up with innovating ways to address those needs.

Restaurant Celebrations

Salt Lake City, UT — More work for Rodizio Grill, a national restaurant chain client, focused on celebrations.

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Las Vegas, NV — Everybody knows the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign — it has been featured in countless movies and advertisements — but most people don't know which sign company designed and built it. YESCO Signs hired me to photograph this iconic sign for their marketing materials.

Doctor Interactions

Layton, UT — Lifestyle images of a doctor meeting with patients, created for a local hospital to use in a billboard campaign.

Panda Express Charity Event

Taylorsville, UT — Panda Express restaurants create delicious Chineese food. Panda Cares brings hope to children in need. They have raised over $61 million to support the health and educational needs of underserved children and disaster relief efforts. They needed event coverage images of an event at a local elementary school.

Mount Everest Expedition

Mount Everest, Nepal — I recently returned from a trip to the Himalayas where I photographed an expedition of climbers trekking to Mount Everest. The purpose of the trip was to raise money and awareness for Radiating Hope, a non-profit organization who's mission is to advance cancer care in developing countries. Commissioned by Radiating Hope and several outdoor gear companies including Black Diamond, Cotopaxi, Red Fox, Mountain Ops, and First Lite to document the philanthropic adventure.

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